Here’s to 2019

2018 will always be remembered for me as the year that we started heavy metal therapy. Obviously it’s only been about 3 months but I’ve been overwhelmed by the response and wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been involved from its inception, which happened partly in a bloke called Steve’s kitchen while listening to black metal and playing with a yoyo, and partly was invented by me and “patient 0” (his choice of name 🤣) in our sessions.

I’ve been amazed at how willing people have been to share thier stories with us including some pretty personal and difficult stuff really. I hope it becomes something to help others along the way because that’s basically the point.

My colleagues and fellow mental health professionals have taken this thing seriously when I assumed they’d think it was a stupid idea. Some have been generally encouraging and reassuring, others have spammed my stuff about and even shared stories of their own. One or two have helped out with research and academic ideas for the metal university which is rather exciting for a nerd like me.

Some people have basically become my roadies, you don’t have to be called Ben but most of you are…….sending me stuff of interest for the pages and helping to build the community

And most importantly the people I work with/support/therapize/whatever that thing is we do. Some of you have been totally on board from the start and helped to ‘invent’ heavy metal therapy by being really giving of yourselves and helping me understand how your experiences relate to metal and why it’s helpful. You guys teach me loads, and that what you lot (and by which I mean all metalheads) think and get out of this project is the most important thing. So thanks

We have some plans for 2019 to grow the webpage a bit more with new stories and playlists, hopefully promote it more. There are also some early ideas of writing things up for metal university and maybe to even attempt to speak about or publish them more formally. We’d like the social media bits to keep growing as well and I guess this just takes time so hopefully you’ll stick with us along the way. Happy New Year 🤘🏻🖤

One thought on “Here’s to 2019

  1. Awesome stuff… glad I found you. Music and Mental Health have gone together for me always. Keep watching for more as we get to know each other. For now… I too had a friend named Ben… our friendship and his Mental Health breakdown is reflected in 12 songs on the 2013 release Living, Coping, Breathing… Mental Health that will Rock your mind. check it out when you get a chance and keep on… keep on… doin’ what you do.


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