We did this little slide show video thing summarising just some of what happened in 2019, we know it’s a bit cheesy but we were feeling smug and proud of ourselves so….

This was really only a fraction of what we did in the end. This time last year we had 300 followers on social media which we thought was pretty good, but things grew beyond what we could have imagined and now:

– we think nearly 6000 people follow us in total across all our social media

– we published journal articles, posters, presented at conferences, did workshops, did blogs, wrote book chapters, had representations at festivals and showcased peoples art, poetry and writing.

– we created extensive playlists available on a range of apps, all informed by you guys

– most importantly, we saw the community develop and watched you lot start to support each other without much help from us.

So obviously we aren’t stopping now! We’ve got lots of exciting ideas planned, some building on what we’ve already started, some covering new ground, but all based on your feedback. This should include research activities and events, engaging more with media, continued spreading of the word and…. T-shirts!

Finally, we do have an enormous thank you list as you might expect:

Head roadies – Angela and Anthony

Contributors to the sites – Ben, Melissa and the Iron Giant, Maarten, Timbo, Randall, Hannah, Kostas, Danny, Dance Mary

Organisations – Sophie Lancaster, Chill Welfare, GetPsyched, PPN North West (BPS), ISPS, PSYPAG, Hallam Uni, Metal Insider, Metal Music Studies Journal (especially Karl), the Polyphony, Redemption Festival, Download Festival, Safe Space (Dani off of Bury Tomorrow), Nick at Signhouse UK

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