Academic publications

Here are all the things that we have been involved in that feature in academic publications, including conference posters.

We had our first academic poster presentation at ISPS 2019 in Rotterdam, Holland. This featured some art work and quotes from our heavy metal therapy roadies. Mary, who helped us out with the poster, is pictured here at the conference with some metal fans:



Metal Music Studies published an article about Heavy Metal Therapy in 2019. It outlines where we have come from and the key theoretical ideas behind our project. We realise that not everyone will be able to access the full thing but here is the link.

Metal Music Studies is the journal for the International Society for Metal Music Studies 🤘🏻


The Lancet Psychiatry, which is an important mental health journal, published an essay about heavy metal and mental health, which featured some heavy metal therapy, at the start of 2021:

We had an academic poster at the 2021 British Association of Music Therapy conference, held online, which can be viewed here