Disturbed – Bullying

From Ben:

The song I’ve chosen is Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists. So, without going into loads of detail and background – because that could turn into an essay – throughout my school life, I’d always been on the receiving end of quite a lot of bullying. Bullying that made me feel isolated and alone, due to simply liking things that weren’t “normal”, or for the fact I was so skinny and weak. It wasn’t until I was 13 and in high school that I properly started meeting other people who were into the same things that I was. Fast forward a couple of years and into the summer, I’d recently been broken up with by my first real girlfriend, which also made me realise that none of my other friends were going to the same college that I was after the summer. My own fault, really, since I’d been spending so much time focusing on the relationship instead. Suddenly, I was left feeling very alone again, other than occasionally seeing a couple of the friends I’d made in high school. That summer, while on holiday, I was walking around the local HMV and looking through the various CDs I came across, what was at the time, Disturbed’s most recent album. I’d never listened to anything of theirs before, but a couple of my friends had suggested them to me on more than one occasion. I thought “fuck it” and bought the CD. Later that day, I put that CD on and listened to Disturbed for the first time ever. The first song, Ten Thousand Fists, started playing and I was almost immediately blown away by the resonating bass drum and toms (being a drummer, I quite enjoy that kind of stuff). Then the lyrics came and it just gave me this feeling of power. I still can’t properly describe it, but it felt good. Like I wasn’t alone, like I’d actually been joined by ten thousand other people, fists in the air and all connected by this feeling. I know that this might sound odd to some people, but just something about that song took away all the negativity I’d been feeling and I felt strong again. Not weak like I’d been told I was. Needless to say, Ten Thousand Fists remains one of my favourite songs to this day. Even my first tattoo was the “Believe” symbol they created for their second album. Disturbed might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who do like their music it can do amazing and wonderful things.