A Place For My Head

Welcome to our resources section. Here we have collated some brief summary sheets of various challenges that people in the HMT community have experienced. These are all created in collaboration with ‘experts by experience’ – in other words metalheads from our community who have lived experience of whatever each resource is about. Therefore, they are based on their interpretations of their experiences, which may not be the same for everyone. We’ve also included some signposting to things that might help, including what to do if you are currently struggling with your mental health. These are for information and direction to other places, not professional advice, therapy or ‘intervention’. They can also be changed and added to over time, we will be building the collection up in terms of topics as well, so let us know if there’s something you would like to be included and/or if you would like to contribute to something.


Low Mood








Hearing Voices

Spiritual Dysphoria/Dislocation