Heavy metal therapy is an online resource and community of people who find metal music helpful for mental well being. It is a place to find and share experiences of how metal has helped us, the meaning we take from songs or lyrics, and play lists that we have found useful. It is for everyone, so we don’t judge each others metal preferences. If you would like to share your own recovery story about how metal has helped you please contact us, we can make stories anonymous if you prefer. We continue to develop a few shared playlists under heavy metal therapy, which can be expanding and changing. We like people to share their own music or art if it comes with a reason/message to do with mental health. We may be a small and select group, but we are open to suggestions of expanding. Hopefully over time this will become led by and shaped by those who use it, so it’s not set in stone, it can grow and change. Heavy metal therapy is both a website and on social media, so find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Quick disclaimer: we know it’s called heavy metal therapy, but we are not claiming to be a substitute for psychological therapy, we are a self-help and peer support community. If you feel you need support from mental health services please seek it through appropriate channels (in the UK this is usually via your GP). Also, all things metal tend to be quite sweary and have dark themes, so there’s quite a bit of that in the stories and playlists.


We follow the below principles for our page:

1.  We all have struggles and mental health experiences exist on a continuum

2.  Sharing stories with each other about overcoming or dealing with challenges can be powerful

3.  Wisdom and help can come from many sources including peers, community, experts by training and experts by experience

4.  Metal might help us to process difficult emotions and honour parts of ourselves that we (or others) may find more challenging

5.  We do not privilege particular explanatory frameworks for mental health, ways of finding help, or types/genres of metal


Who we are

Heavy metal therapy is run by metalheads who have experience of mental health either by training or experience (or both).  It is moderated by Katie (website, facebook and insta) and Nurse Ratchet (twitter).  We also have some advisors who help us out with specialist things for certain metal genres – black/death, thrash, industrial and of course, a Chief Metalcore Advisor!