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Sometimes people contact us to say that they make their own mental health themed metal music and wanted to share it with us. This part of the website is to showcase the work of our followers, no matter how big or small they are as bands. We are honoured to have so many cool people share their work with us, and the amazing stories behind their music

BandAboutSongMental Health Themes
Being “Alive” is Beautiful

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This DOOM/DSBM project was founded in the summer of 2017 due to heavy depression experienced by Christina EarlymornHealthy AggressionChristina told us: Healthy aggression is to make loud music to me

Music saved my life!
It´s what has kept me up!
Still I am running bitch!
I learned to channel my hate!
The Five Hundred

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From struggling with tourettes, OCD, gambling and drug addiction, to perfecting their art and proving that together they are a force of nature, now is the band’s time to share with the world how they’ve battled through their vices and come out on top.The Rising TideJohn said:
The rising tide is the desperation of anxiety and how it makes you feel how it drags you down and nothing you can do is going to stop it all you can do is go with it and hope you’ll be okay, treading the water until you finally drowned, I think most people tread the water to some extent
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Death metal band fronted by Mara Lisenko, many of their songs are inspired by her personal experience of mental distressLabel Me InsaneMara said:
Basically the song is about my personal battle with mental illness, being misdiagnosed, over-drugged which led me to an unexpectedly positive outcome- I started to help myself, instead of always looking outside for a saviour.
So it’s an empowering song for everyone struggling, giving some confidence to overcome obstacles.
As Your Body Remains

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Spanish metalcore band formed in 2015. They have developed a mixture of sounds combining their most aggressive
influences from hardcore and death metal with the more appealing approaches from
metalcore or even progressive music
SHINRAXimo told us:
Shinra is about overcoming, and how we are in the darkest places of our minds and the way to face our deepest fears. This song calls for self-progression .
Sunflower Dead       

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American rock band, due to release a new album in 2021 but this song, with clear mental health themes, is from 2019 Turn AwayLyrics from the song show the mental health themes:

Feeling like I’m lost, feeling like no one.
Feeling that I’m obsolete, not even a pawn
So where’s your words to curb my sadness?
No more can I shade this madness.

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A group of guys from Melbourne Australia with a lived experience of trauma, illness and recovery. We’re telling that story in its most true form possible- we understand that coming back from the deepest hole you’ve been in is one of the most extreme and gruelling acts a person can experience.Soul RotThe guys from Growth let us know:

Soul Rot illustrates a uniquely horrible moment you pass through when experiencing suicidal ideation.
The perception of control and relief you get from making such a final decision is empowering when everything else is out of control.
It’s vital to consider where it stems from- do I want everything to end, or is it that I can’t bear the way things are now? Total death, or death of this part of life that’s bringing so much misery? If the whole world has fallen apart, are there any things that have stayed in place?
Call to the Faithful

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Formed in Peterborough, UK, Call to the Faithful have been turning it up to 11 since 2018. After fine tuning their unique brand of hard-hitting guitar riffs, fuzzy bass lines, thumping drum kicks, and thought provoking lyricsDemonsThe band said:
Demons is a song we hoped would show people that they are not alone in their suffering. And by talking we can all get through this together
Ecce Bestia

Heavy, Groove metal mix somewhere in between Melodic Thrash and Melodic Death metal, from GermanyUnder PressureEric from the band told us:
Depression and Self hate is something many of us struggle with. I wrote these lyrics as a pep talk to myself but once it was put to the song I quickly realized how important it became to share it with others. You’re Not Alone!
Of Wolves

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Of Wolves are a sick and super heavy band, who advertise their music as “This is Therapy”. Very varied but bit of a doom/stoner vibeBalance

Killing Spree
Steve told us:
Balance the title track is about life and loss. I think most of our songs relate in some way to mental health.
Killing Spree is all about mental heath issues and all of the issues that lead to a worst case scenario 

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Canberra Extreme Metal
est. 2018. Note they have changed their band name which is why it does not match the name on the video 🙂
Suffocating ThoughtsSuffocating Thoughts is about the effect your thoughts can have on your mental health. It paints a picture of how a person’s thoughts start to change the way he experiences his life, where negative thoughts slowly and insidiously start to suffocate him until he feels trapped and helpless and commits a unforgivable crime, only to realise that it was all him all along. It’s about needing to take a step back and reassess the situation, regardless of how helpless and trapped you feel. It’s about needing to do this and taking charge of your own well-being
Haunted By Wolves

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Haunted By Wolves is a Bristol based Nu-CORE band with roots in progressive metalcore and in groove driven rockTell MeXander said:
This song is about chasing a relationship (of any sort), where you were never given the closure you needed to move on. Holding on to scraps of hope that it can be re ignited, and the delusion that it isn’t over. Eventually leading to the understanding that only time will enable you to see you were just a pawn in this relationship, and you are better off without it. But, until then, you have to live in the pain of this process