Metal University

This is the part of the site that looks at the research about metal and psychology, I’ve included links to the papers where possible, though you might not be able to access some of them unless you are connected to an actual university. However, I’ve done my best to summarise the key findings here for an overview.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive review like you would publish in a research paper, though maybe one day we will do that!  Think of it more as an edited highlights section.  It’s divided into 3 sections  – research on metal and mental health, the wider psychology of heavy metal, and our own stuff (a small but growing section).

Research is only one way of understanding something, and I think that there’s probably quite a bit more to heavy metal therapy than is demonstrated here in these scientific papers, based on what people tell me and my own experiences.  I hope that by building the community and continuing to share our experience of how metal can be useful for our mental health that we can contribute a bit to the understanding of why so many people describe metal as helpful to them.