We’re not telling you what to do, but here are some suggested playlists that people have shared with us that they find helpful for particular difficulties. They may be an mixture of a number of different genres and tastes, as they are often from a number of people. We are open to suggestions about things that could be put in, though this has to be within reason, as we could probably have about 100 hours of music for some of them! We like people to share their playlists with us by contacting us on social media or through the contacts page. At the moment the main links for playlists are through apple music, Spotify and youtube

The big massive anger playlist…Okay, so anger is probably the biggest identified emotion that people talk about in relation to metal music, so its not easy to come up with anything concise. We may end up dividing it at some point if it gets out of hand big…..

Everything else

Overcoming adversity (e.g. bullying)

Low mood – people have tended to interpret this as things that resonate with them when they feel low rather than stuff that ‘cheers them up’. The overcoming playlist is a bit more upbeat if you are looking for that


Hearing voices

Working out

Sleep and relaxation

Grief – Possibly a bit ‘heavy going’ this one, plus definitely some ‘flexibility’ on the metal definition, some rock has snuck in….





Feeling Empty



Hope and Happiness

Paranoia and Intrusive Thoughts

Up and down/’dysregulated’ emotions, including feeling ‘high’

References to Mental Health and Stigma – things that refer to and reflect on the idea of ‘madness’


Genre Specific Playlists

Black Metal

Death Metal

Women in Metalyea we know that’s not a genre! Playlist produced after international women’s day 2020

Ridiculous Metal – also not a genre. Special playlist created to cheer us up during lockdown! With this quarantine themed one which quickly followed!