I Want a Shirt or Patch

Merch is quite important in the metal scene I guess, it’s part of the metal identity to wear band shirts and battle vests with patches on. We resisted the idea of merch for quite a long time, for lots of complicated reasons but we had A LOT of requests and we realised that if people want to rep us/the cause then that is cool by us 😊

If you want a shirt or a patch drop us a message on here or on socials. At the moment we only have one colour scheme and design as we are a teeny operation, eventually we may expand (but no, you can’t have a pink one atm I’m afraid!)

Shirts come in 2 styles, ‘men’s’ straight cut and ‘women’s’ fitted cut. They are Gilden which have pretty standard sizing (size guide here). The grey colour may vary slightly for some of the sizes but we can give you a heads up about that if you are ordering one of those.

We don’t make any money from HMT, we want people to have merch to spread the word of our project and stimulate interest. Therefore we sell shirts and patches at pretty much cost. Any excess we ‘make’ and any money we make from speaking and things, goes straight back into the coffers to cover our promotional expenses. Should we make an excess beyond that, we will give it to charity.


Shirts are £10 and patches are £5 plus postage. We use this guide to estimate postage prices, obviously international post will cost you more (we are in UK). If you see us at an event we will usually have some available there as well.

We have limited stock of shirts and patches and will do new runs as required but this can take time, so if your request is not in stock please bear with us.

Please send us pictures of you in your HMT merch, as long as you are happy for your picture to go on our site and socials

A few of the first ones

Designs by Nick at Signhouse UK (patch) and Anthony (shirt), which were both generously given to us. Thanks guys 🤘🏻