Somewhere I Belong

Somewhere I Belong is a collection of lived experience accounts related to inclusivity in the metal music scene, especially about concerts, gigs and festivals. These contributions are from followers of HMT and/or people we asked who we thought might have something to say on the issues addressed. We acknowledge that it won’t represent everyone’s views and might be ‘aspirational’ to an extent around the suggestions, but we hope it can be a useful resource for fans, venues, bands and anyone interested in inclusivity in metal.

We will have some physical copies available of this, which by definition is a snap shot of the resource, but the e-book (below) can be changed and we hope will continue to grow with more contributions over time. We’d love you to share it with whoever you think might benefit. For the sake of trees and printing costs we think the e-book format will be the most accessible for people, but if you want a physical copy sending please get in touch.

Here is the book in slide-show format (please select the PDF download to get the links to work):

Download it here:

Video link for Sanjay’s story is here

As usual some thanks are due: Sam, Ben, Frankie, Melissa and the Iron Giant, Rev Toby, Dom, The Non-Conformist Metalhead, Sanjay, James, Hell Bent for Metal, Dr Rosey Hill, Lauren, The Global Order of Satan, Naz and all at Weirdo zine, TOVA, The Black Heart. Everyone who contributed anonymously and provided feedback on drafts