In this section we have loads of examples of narratives of people’s experiences of how metal has helped them or people around them*. We are always keen to add more so please feel free to contact us

Links to stories: –

Linda – Low Mood – Linda talks about how the music of Rammstein and Linkin Park has become her solace at times of low mood, bereavement and difficult life events.

Paul – Trauma – Paul tells us about how metal helped him through a difficult time in his life and to process emotions associated with traumatic experiences in childhood. 

Ben – Bullying – Ben describes how Disturbed helped him to overcome being bullied at school

The Heavy Metal Adventures of Melissa and the Iron Giant – Autism/Neurodiveristy. Melissa shows us how her son, The Iron Giant, has been embraced by the local metal scene and how much he loves metal music

Different Ben! – Ben talks about his journey with heavy metal and mental health, including the therapeutics of the mosh pit and the people he met in his local metal scene

Richard – Hearing Voices –Richard tells us how metal helps him to manage his voices, and what his voices think about metal music

Anonymous story – Anxiety – A story of how listening to metal helps one fan to manage experiences of anxiety

Anonymous story – Anger – Experiences of adolescence, change and anger; and how listening to metal helped one community member process difficult feelings

Robert – Family conflict – Robert shares his story of how the music of Five Finger Death Punch has helped him to manage difficult family experiences

Riikka – ADHD – Rikka shares her experiences of how metal, including one of our personal favourites Nine Inch Nails, helps her to manage her ADHD

Scott – Confidence – Scott tells us how he built up confidence to finally be able to play in front of people in a metal band

Be Quiet and Gaze – Part personal story, part metal university essay. This account covers shoegaze, thrash and black metal

Nobody Ever Looked Down on me in a Rock Club – Scott talks about (dis)ability, physical health challenges and low mood, with a strong smattering of metal of course!

Richy – This is our first video story, where Richy talks to us about his experiences of living with the good and more challenging bits of having ADHD, including a nice metal playlist.

Steve – video story and blog with Steve who talks about how he overcame challenges with chronic pain and low mood, eventually forming his own company and returning to drumming.  Includes playlist

Spiritual Dislocation/Dysphoria – as part of our Dismember December launch, James tells us about finding spirituality and “thin spaces” through metal music.

*these are the personal experiences of the people we speak to, they do not constitute professional advice or suggest that HMT endorse particular methods/products.