In this section we have loads of examples of narratives of people’s experiences of how metal has helped them or people around them*. We are always keen to add more so please feel free to contact us

Links to stories: –

Linda – Low Mood – Linda talks about how the music of Rammstein and Linkin Park has become her solace at times of low mood, bereavement and difficult life events.

Paul – Trauma – Paul tells us about how metal helped him through a difficult time in his life and to process emotions associated with traumatic experiences in childhood. 

Ben – Bullying – Ben describes how Disturbed helped him to overcome being bullied at school

The Heavy Metal Adventures of Melissa and the Iron Giant – Autism/Neurodiveristy. Melissa shows us how her son, The Iron Giant, has been embraced by the local metal scene and how much he loves metal music

Different Ben! – Ben talks about his journey with heavy metal and mental health, including the therapeutics of the mosh pit and the people he met in his local metal scene

Richard – Hearing Voices –Richard tells us how metal helps him to manage his voices, and what his voices think about metal music

Anonymous story – Anxiety – A story of how listening to metal helps one fan to manage experiences of anxiety

Anonymous story – Anger – Experiences of adolescence, change and anger; and how listening to metal helped one community member process difficult feelings

Robert – Family conflict – Robert shares his story of how the music of Five Finger Death Punch has helped him to manage difficult family experiences

Riikka – ADHD – Rikka shares her experiences of how metal, including one of our personal favourites Nine Inch Nails, helps her to manage her ADHD

Scott – Confidence – Scott tells us how he built up confidence to finally be able to play in front of people in a metal band

Be Quiet and Gaze – Part personal story, part metal university essay. This account covers shoegaze, thrash and black metal

Nobody Ever Looked Down on me in a Rock Club – Scott talks about (dis)ability, physical health challenges and low mood, with a strong smattering of metal of course!

Richy – This is our first video story, where Richy talks to us about his experiences of living with the good and more challenging bits of having ADHD, including a nice metal playlist.

Steve – video story and blog with Steve who talks about how he overcame challenges with chronic pain and low mood, eventually forming his own company and returning to drumming.  Includes playlist


*these are the personal experiences of the people we speak to, they do not constitute professional advice or suggest that HMT endorse particular methods/products.