In-House Specials

Some of the people involved in Heavy Metal Therapy have some research experience and an interest in learning more about the link between heavy metal and mental health. In this section of the site we have all the academic(ish) work that we have produced ourselves for Heavy Metal Therapy. We put ourselves forward for things all the time, so have a number of ideas in the pipeline, so watch this space as we will be adding that stuff on here.

Although it’s not a formal academic piece, the first bit of proper writing that we did was this blog for the Polyphony (an academic online magazine) about the Heavy Metal Therapy Project, peer support and voice dialogue:

Heavy Metal Therapy: Reflections on Developing a Peer Support Community for Metalheads

We are speaking about Heavy Metal Therapy at a psychology conference on 25th July 2019:

A blog about therapy homework which gives a nod to heavy metal therapy and how it started:

We have a couple of book chapters in progress, including an awesome metalcore therapy case….and much more to come 🙂