In-House Specials

Some of the people involved in Heavy Metal Therapy have some research experience and an interest in learning more about the link between heavy metal and mental health. In this section of the site we have all the academic(ish) work that we have produced ourselves for Heavy Metal Therapy. We put ourselves forward for things all the time, so have a number of ideas in the pipeline, so watch this space as we will be adding that stuff on here.

Although it’s not a formal academic piece, the first bit of proper writing that we did was this blog for the Polyphony (an academic online magazine) about the Heavy Metal Therapy Project, peer support and voice dialogue:

Heavy Metal Therapy: Reflections on Developing a Peer Support Community for Metalheads


We did our first proper presentation about Heavy Metal Therapy at a psychology conference on 25th July 2019:

PsyPAG2019 Sheffield Hallam



We also like to write guest blogs about stuff such as Co-production, therapy homework and why headbanging is good for you 😊.


We had our first academic poster presentation at ISPS 2019 in Rotterdam, Holland. This featured some art work and quotes from our heavy metal therapy roadies. Mary, who helped us out with the poster, is pictured here at the conference with some metal fans:




Then Metal Music Studies (which is a real academic journal) published an article about Heavy Metal Therapy. It outlines where we have come from and the key theoretical ideas behind our project. We realise that not everyone will be able to access the full thing but here is the link:

Metal Music Studies is the journal for the International Society for Metal Music Studies 🤘🏻


We contributed a little bit to the introduction of Dan Franklin’s book Heavy, and one of the reviews for it, we have a couple of book chapters in progress too (watch this space)



We deliver training and workshops about engaging with mental distress using music as well….if you’d like us to come and speak or be involved in something please drop us a message.

We have done some podcasts and videos 😊

This podcast is about heavy metal, mental health and lifting weights 💪

This one is about engaging with social media as a psychologist:

This video is about coping with the corona virus epidemic (not metal specific)

This is a webinar we did about voices and music:

We also spoke at the Mental Health Blog Awards 2020: