I want to help!

Interested in being more involved with HMT? That’s cool…..

Everyone who follows us and contributes to the sites becomes an HMT roadie, we don’t expect anything from you as such and you are welcome to do as much or as little as you like with us. However, if you want to contribute this can be on a number of levels:

  • We love it when you send us stuff – be it a song you relate to, some lyrics, a meme, or a bit of research you’ve come across. So drop us a message or post stuff as you see fit
  • Please share and promote us, we aren’t that good at self-promotion but if you want to tell people about us we are very grateful (we need you to do this for us as we suck at it!!)
  • We have some promotional materials that we can make available for your educational establishment or rock bar (coming soon), so just ask and we can send you stuff . We also sometimes do promotional stalls at events so let us know if you’d like us to come along to something and/or send you some stuff for your gig/festival/conference
  • If you want to write up your personal story of how metal is related to your well-being contact us about submitting a story, some art, poetry or a picture of your tattoo! We also do guest blogs if you want to write something for us about a metal related topic.
  • If you have some experience in research or group facilitation and want to be more involved in our teaching, supportive presence at events or research activities then please contact us about this as well. We also sometimes need moderators for online spaces.
  • We have some online discussion forums for outreach, research and for therapists – let us know if you want to join us over there (on discord)