Paintings – Maarten

One of the great things about the Heavy Metal Therapy community is that people share their experiences, music and creativity with us and each other. Maarten Wattel shared a picture he had painted as part of a discussion on our social media and we managed to pursued him to share a few more of his pieces with us here!

His paintings are reflective of his experiences of low mood and depression and many are inspired or influenced by rock and metal songs. He told us that most of them were created when listening to his favourite bands Metallica, Slayer, Jinjer, Orbit Culture, Motorhead, Slipknot, Stone Sour, A Perfect Circle, Black Sabbath and Lamb of God (which would be quite a playlist in itself!).

Maarten’s paintings often represent the struggles of depression, here are a selection of works he sent us representing; frustration with medication (picture 1) , a feeling of anger and sadness representing ‘the worst in me’ (picture 2) and feeling that even when people support you it can feel like something you have to fight alone (picture 3).

Maarten told us that this piece is representative of different stages of depression and feeling torn between sadness and anger

depression 3 parts

Lots of Maarten’s works are inspired by rock and metal songs:

  1. Broken (Pantera)
  2. Made of Scars (Stone Sour)
  3. Still Hurts (Therapy?)
  4. Where is my Mind? (Pixies)


  1. Self Portrait (inspired by Alice in Chains)
  2. ‘Unsainted’ inspired by Slipknot
  3. “Hardwired to Self-Destruct” inspired by Metallica
  4. “Come and See”



We hope that you enjoy the pieces as much as we have and wanted to thank Maarten for being so generous in sharing them with us. If you have art works or other creative things (poems, musical compositions etc), we love to see/hear them, send them through!