Memorial Tattoos

Tattoos dedicated to life memories, people or historical events.  Some of these stories and pictures contain sensitive material with themes of death and loss, just as a heads up.

This one is partly dedicated to my Dad, he died unexpectedly after an illness in 2017. He had PTSD after many years in the fire service but started his working life as a shipwright in the merchant navy. The words most of you will probably recognise as Tool lyrics. I’d been looking for an excuse to get them tattooed and Dad was where I got my taste in music from. I grew up listening to Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin etc and Dad loved Tool as well

I love my tattoo, so the story behind it… I gave birth at 29 weeks to a stillborn boy in February 2017. in 2019 I got my cremation tattoo for him (meaning his ashes are in the tattoo) but I decided to focus on the feelings and emotional battles I have to go through each day. the tattoo represents the way I feel, like hiding how I really feel behind a mask and taking it off to reveal the darkness or in my case, the death underneath. I have an older child who was 2 when his little brother was born, so it also represents my kind of battle between life and death. everything my oldest does fills me with pure joy and pride but it also fills me with sadness for everything jake does (oldest) Elliot will never do (stillborn)

Working on a full on arm sleeve as my daughter grows. It grows with us she saved my life and made me the mommy I always should of been

This arm is my family armor so far 2 roses one from my mother and one for my father I would of never of learned the love of music that I have or the strong woman I am today if it wasn’t for my parents

This one is dedicated to the guy who was like the brother I never had. He killed himself in 2018 after battling with his mental health for years. He was my gig buddy and was known for wearing a banana suit to music festivals