Metal Band Tattoos

A selection of your tattoos inspired by your favorite bands.


I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for 13 years. Korn’s songs are very relatable and I felt like the voodoo doll was a good representation of something I have little/to no control over.

King 810

My King 810 tat, I have many but this is my favourite. Firstly its a big f*ck you to body expectations, I was put off getting this done on my belly for a very long time because I didn’t feel the right size but balls to that. My tats don’t usually have much meaning but King are my favourite band, their words scream to me and these words in particular make me think of how me and my loved ones have each others backs. There’s not many of us but we are a wolf pack, I love this tattoo 🖤


I have an entire sleeve with Disturbed album art and the members signatures, their music has helped me beat depression, if I ever slip I throw on one of their albums and it normally brings me back to a good place, I had the amazing chance to sing face to face with David Draiman in May last year and that memory alone pulls me through everything ☺️🤘🏻🖤


My Tool eye from the 10000 day album. A few reasons I got this besides loving Tool. Their music is one of my go to when I’m feeling stressed or down, it always puts me in a better mood. I love the artwork of Alex Grey (the main contributor to Tools artwork). A lot of it it based on a spiritual plain, the inner self if a person, and the eyes are the window to your soul. Having my ‘Third Eye’, helps me think of myself on a higher level, makes me think a lot more about myself from a different perspective. With the shit I went through b4 Xmas, I now am able to think deeper about myself, my thoughts and actions. It took me to hit absolute rock bottom and 5 days in a mental hospital to finally get my head in the best place it’s ever been! Even my closest friends didn’t realise that I was even struggling, because I hid all from everyone. I’m using this as a part of my healing process, by trying to get it out there for anyone who may be struggling with anything, that there is help in so many forms. I only wish I sought the help I needed years ago!!! No matter the problem, there always is a solution.


When I was 6 my dad lost his job, he couldn’t accept that and took the bottle.
He became an alcoholic.
And my anxiety disorder was created.
When he was drunk he would mentally abuse me and hit me.
When I was 12 I had a knife under my pillow and I discovered the metal.
Metal saved my life and empowered me.
20 years later I was committed in mental hospital.
I those 20 years I was addicted to weed, alcohol and medication, tried to fit in a society that is not me.
My sister took her own life and the anxiety of being not normal was bigger that the anxiety disorder it self.
I did nothing with all that I had endured.
And all I did was working, working and working.
Until I went through my heels.
That my anxiety, depression and traumatic youth made me do a suicide attempt.
AL that time I stayed on my feet through metal, especially Metallica’s Fuel.
When I was I the hospital I draw this tattoo with lyrics of that song.
Ever since I have this tattoo I feel strength in me to keep on going and changing my life in to the positive.


At the time of my darkest days some songs from evanescence I could relate to so much and they got me through it 🤘