We are pleased to be able to talk about our work with people, and we have featured in a few podcasts now which can all be found here:

Rosie – do more than therapy – This podcast is about psychologists who take their ideas out of the therapy room

The Demons Within – Liam Frost-Camilleri talks to us as part of his Australian based pod on heavy metal and mental health

The Heavy Metal Strength Coach – We talk about the project and a little bit about the mental health benefits of lifting weights

Metal Medicine – Cat and I have a natter about what music we like and how it benefits well-being

Death Comes Lifting – Discussion about the project and their work on physical health and well-being, on Apple and Spotify

This is Nursing – Nurse Ratchet talks to Gavin about her job as a crisis nurse and being the head roadie for HMT. Part two of the podcast is here.

Music on Your Own Terms – I talk to Simon about HMT and the therapeutic benefits of extreme music

Too Old For This Pit – A good chat about the benefits of nostalgia in music, and a few questions from a 3 year old that were surprisingly hard to answer!

Mostly Mad Music – Esther and I talk about the well-being value of engaging with “angry” music

Beautifully Broken – as part of the excellently named ‘proper madness‘ series

Some Metalheads are Gonna Roll – Kate talks to Brandon about the mental health depictions in the Dreamtheatre B-side Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

A few of the podcasts we’ve been on