This one covers both self injury and suicidal thoughts, and it might be fairly tough going emotionally rather like the grief and trauma playlists we already have.  We were fortunate enough on this one to have many of the suggestions come from an advisor who has successfully combated self-harm through using metal music as an alternative and a coping strategy.  See his quote here about metal music and self harm.  The other suggestions are from you guys, lots of variety as usual.
While we recognise that in some cases engaging with themes like the ones in this playlist (which obviously reference suicide and self harm openly) might be helpful as alternatives to harm/harm reduction/coping, some other people may find it triggering.  So, if you think that listening to songs with such themes might make things worse for your personally or make you feel more like harming yourself then obviously this playlist is not for you! We have a range of other ones that might be more suitable

Also, if you are struggling with some of this stuff and need help with this please see where there are are range of places you can look up for support.