System of a Down – Anxiety

As a person who suffers quite badly with health anxiety, I find nothing more therapeutic than going in my workshop putting on my Mp3’s while listening to Rock / Metal music. It helps me move my thoughts away from the intrusive, anxiety provoking thoughts and in to the music. Some of the older music I listen to takes me back to a time when I was younger and a lot less anxious. Depending on how I am feeling I can just put the music on random from my entire library or sometimes I choose a particular band or album and just play that.

I have different feelings when I am anxious, sometimes I get frustrated about the intrusive thoughts and that may move me towards the heavier music in my collection like Disturbed, Metallica, System of a Down, which seem to help me get that frustration out. Sometimes I just feel worn out and overloaded by the anxiety and this usually makes me put softer music from my collection like, Black Sabbath, Queen, The Lemonheads, and even dare I say it, Oasis and Blur. Other times I can be feeling a bit down/ depressed and this can make me move towards listening to some more light hearted music like, Tenacious D, Gogol Bordello, ACDC, Arctic Monkeys or Red hot chilli peppers.

Sometimes I Just feel like having a good sing along with the music and that will move me more towards listening to Nirvana, Offspring, Green day and Metallica as they are the bands I have liked from the beginning of my love for rock and know every word.

Sometimes getting new albums or listening to a new band is good for me as I listen to the lyrics and trying to work out the meaning of the song and this is another way I can keep my “noisy” mind busy on something that doesn’t make me anxious.

I also have some particular songs that I like to put on that just lift my mood regardless, the reason is usually because the particular song reminds me of a happy event, like Nirvana Nevermind songs remind me of the first time I heard them and I was sat on a river bank with a friend fishing or Green day, Dookie Album reminds me of being on a Narrowboat Holiday with some friends. System of a down Toxicity, or chop Suey remind me of my times in the local rock nightclub with my girlfriend at the time (who is now my wife).

Particular songs that just help lift my mood are Metallica – Nothing Else matters or enter sandman the Disturbed cover of The Sound of Silence, Anastasia by Slash, I think these songs are just really powerful.

With some songs in particular I can relate to the lyrics, for example the Green day song 21 Guns “when my mind breaks the spirit of my soul” as when I am very anxious it can make me very subdued and lethargic.
I find Rock/Metal music helps me in a variety of different ways and can provoke a number of different helpful feelings when I am struggling with my anxiety. My musical tastes have expanded and changed over time as a result of me listening to music to help me cope with my anxiety.