HMT is 1

Turns out that 1 year ago today I created the Facebook and Instagram accounts for Heavy Metal Therapy so I guess it’s kind of our first birthday. Now, I didn’t really do anything with them for about a month, mainly as I just wanted to make sure I got the name before someone else nicked it! And partly because I was nervous about it (and there have been times when it has really challenged a few insecurities but that’s a discussion for another time). It was only really supposed to be a little Facebook group: it kinda is still a slightly bigger Facebook group, my original aim was to see if I could get 100 likes. But there have been a few milestones over this past year…..most of which were unexpected:

  • About 4000 people now follow hmt on various social media across the whole world
  • After the fb and insta pages came the website and logo and people generously gave designs I could use
  • People started sending in their recovery stories and were open and brave and generally amazing
  • Then people sent poetry and art too!
  • It expanded further to blogs, articles, book chapters, conferences, posters 🤓
  • I’ve collected some amazing roadies who advise on metal genres, help with social media, collaborate with me on stuff, contribute to the webpages and are generally giving of their time for free and for the love of metal
  • I spent probably too many hours collating the heavy metal and psychology research for the website, sent tons of emails to various scholars in heavy metal studies. Some replied and I was lucky enough to meet a few of them too
  • I had at least 3 freakouts about giving up the whole thing
  • About 1000 leaflets have been distributed across loads of metal festivals thanks to the kindness of some key organisations like Sophie Lancaster Foundation
  • People sent in nearly 200 song suggestions for playlists
  • And now I have a grand total of 2 heavy metal therapy t-shirts as well 🤣

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who believed in the project, put up with me droning on and contributed* 🤘🏻you guys rock 🤘🏻

*The big soppy thank you list –

Angela, Stevie, Danny, Anthony – you 4 especially

Mary, Rufus, Elisabeth, Dave, Sarah, Joel, Ben x2, Charley, Nick x3, Karl, Sam, Linda, Jen, Jasmine, Rosey, Andy, Dan, Andres, Heather, Amanda, Scott, Jennifer, Rich. The guys at Sophie Lancaster and Chill Welfare

Anyone who did a story, poem, blog or design

Anyone who read a draft of owt (Jurga, Mark, Cat, Charlotte, Paul),

Anyone who didn’t laugh in my face

I’m not crying, you are….

(image from greatnameplates)

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