HMT in Quarantine

We know there are so many things being put out there at the moment about surviving the pandemic (mentally and physically) and the impact of us being in lockdown. So, we won’t bombard you with stuff, this is just a little summary of a few things we’ve done and some helpful links. We will leave this with you in case it is useful. I’m sure that listening to metal is getting lots of us through this time, as it has lots of other times as well 🀘🏻

If you want to interact more with people in the metal community about mental health stuff please check out our metal health moshpit on Facebook

We also produced some playlists together over the lockdown period about quarantine, and to cheer us up a bit, one on completely ridiculous metal songs – see

We have been involved in a couple of podcast and vidoes as well. Some are not related to the lockdown particularly but this video is:

Finally, we know there are lots of links out there of other support things but we thought this one might be particularly interesting for our roadies with lots of resources:

COVID 19 Resources – We’re all in This Together

So stay safe, wash hands, stay home etc 😊. Soon we mosh together again 🀘🏻

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