Interview with Of Wolves

Of Wolves are a sick and super heavy band, who advertise their music as “This is Therapy”. We were delighted to to be able to link up with Steve, who does vocals with the band (he doesn’t call it singing, he “screams his balls off”). In this video Steve talks to Nurse Ratched about the band, their music and the therapeutic value of creating and engaging with extreme music like theirs. Just for context, we had to edit a couple of bits, and wanted to emphasise that while we are talking about the engagement with powerful emotions and discussions of themes of violence in the music we do not condone actual violence. In fact, Steve told us that not only is he not a violent person, he credits the music for his happy go lucky ‘teddy bear’ demeanour. Here is the interview:

You can check out Of Wolves on their Instagram page, and on Bandcamp where you can get your hands on their new album Balance. Pre-orders for a special limited vinyl run will be starting  soon so follow them for more details. Here is some footage of them in action:

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