Awesome Metalcore Therapy

A chapter that we (Kate and Danny) wrote about using metalcore music in therapy work with voices has been published in this new book:

Now, this could be quite niche, and we don’t expect that many of our HMT followers will buy it but it is part of the story of HMT as this chapter, or more specifically the therapy letter that it came from, was a big factor in the development of HMT. About 4 years ago, considering that the book took around 3 years to publish, after we wrote the letter together, we started talking with a few other people about the power of sharing recovery stories and the role of extreme music within that. We used to joke back in those days that we were doing ‘heavy metal therapy’ and the name kind of stuck, even though HMT now is not about therapy in the traditional sense. We also got from this bit of work the idea of having a Chief Metalcore Adviser, and metalcore Mondays – partly due to the significance of metalcore music for mental health related stuff.

We gained a bit of momentum with the project between writing the chapter and it being published, including eventually getting to chat with a few metalcore musicians about mental health stuff (e.g. this). Also, in another really cool aside, we managed to get Sam Carter himself to read the letter and he sent us a nice message about it (thanks to Dani Winter-Bates for sorting that out).

Here’s a bit of the journey we made:

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