Marching in Time

We love it when you share songs and lyrics with us, and tell us why they are important or inspiring for you, so we were thrilled to hear from Matt who has done us a review and reflection on a song that is important to him. Please share your favourites with us and what they mean to you.

The song is by Tremonti, called Marching In Time from the album of the same name. Watch/listen to it here:

Matt told us:

So many lives marching in time move to the beat of the old and the blind

Lyrics can mean so many different things to different people, for me it takes the meaning of us all getting up and getting caught up in our day to day lives, and sometimes forgetting we are all part of a community here on earth. We all march to the beat of our own drum, sometimes we all sing the same song, getting up day to day and not taking stock of the little things that matter most in life and valuing the things that mean a lot to us. That could be friends, family, reading or the topic I’m writing about – music.

Marching In Time came along at a time for me where I was feeling low and needed a song to help me to get through the worst of it. Along came what is, in my eyes, one of not only Tremonti’s best songs so far but one of Mark Tremonti’s best songs as well. The opening lyric leaves so much food for thought to the listener and can take on so many different meanings depending on how you feel when you listen to it. It could be that there are so many of us marching in time so that we are never alone, many of us marching in time on our own different journeys.

The next part of the lyric is “move to the beat of the old and the blind”. How I interpret that is this -Older people have more life experience and also of witnessing things change in the world, both for the good and the bad . So following their step and basking in their experience while learning from it and adapting to the challenges of our own day to day lives. This part of moving to the beat of the blind can also be taken in the way of the blind not being able to see but they can listen and potentially have a lot to say of value, so listen to the stories and take it in.

Another line from Marching In Time that I can apply to my own life and means an awful lot to me is “don’t let this cold world change you, don’t ever go astray, and don’t you fail to keep on giving, don’t fail to show your strength”. It immediately grabbed my attention and applied itself to my life and my own struggles. The world isn’t always a wonderful, beautiful place where everyone will accept freely who you are. It can be a cruel cold place in which people will choose to try to knock you down and keep you down. You may get kicked down and feel completely destroyed but don’t let it change you, get back up and fight for what you believe in and what you want to do regardless of what anyone else thinks. Don’t let the world change a good heart and turn it cold, keep spreading the positive good message and fly your flag, someone somewhere will appreciate and thank you for it.

by Matt Sweeney – follow his blog here

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