Some voices stuff

Hi guys

The YouTube link for the event we did for hearing voices network is now here! We talk about metal and voices, and reflect on how music of all kinds is related to voice hearing (e.g. As coping, references to voices in lyrics etc). Played a few awesome tunes from Our Hollow Our Home, Motionless in White and Suicidal Tendencies, plus some cool non metal songs.

The hearing voices movement is very important to us as HMT was partly influenced by them and we greatly admire them as an organisation.  Thrilled to be part of this event hosted by metal fan Rai Waddingham who is completely inspiring and it’s worth checking her stuff out.

Robin who joined us as a guest also previously made this cool documentary about his experiences with voices, the music is composed by him and has a metal and industrial feel.

For more resources about voice hearing (including a bit about HMT) check out understanding voices, covid 19 web resource on managing voices, and voice collective. We also like this short documentary about ‘the psychosis’ again with a rock themed soundtrack:

We have a few voices related things on here as well including Richard’s story and of course the voices playlist! Soon we will be featured in a book about voices where we have a chapter about the awesome joy of metalcore!!

We love doing events and things to do with voices and voice dialogue, see for more 😊

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