Year 3 Begins

Thank you to all of you who came to our first webinar

A few of you from the webinar

As part of the webinar and general celebrations we spent some time reflecting on the past year and also thinking about what we want to do next for year 3. We have come a long way in the last year, with the introduction of ‘merch’, development of playlists, and lots of work for the metal university being particular highlights! We have been pleased to get some cool feedback, but we also want to continue to progress into year 3. Here is what we came up with in terms of ideas for next year:

  • We hope to have a presence at some events and festivals next year and to be able to offer some well-being activities as part of this. We have a team of enthusiastic metalheads who can’t wait to get out there and meet you! We will have some ‘merch’ and things at these events as well, as merch was definitely a success of year 2 (re-stocking soon!).
  • Many conferences and events were cancelled in 2020 but we should be able to present a poster to the BAMT conference 2021, and out first book chapter (about awesome metalcore) should be published in October as well. We have lots of plans for writing more stuff for the metal university and maybe dipping our toes into some research as well.
  • We want to continue to support people using the online formats, so will continue with interactive things for social media. This will include a playlist amnesty, maybe more webinar type events and continued development of the metal health moshpit forum
  • We intend to develop some well-being resources around metal and mental health, for the website and at events, focused on the lived experience of metalheads.

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