We Are Now a CIC!

Bit of a development this, after quite a lot of time sorting this out, we have successfully registered Heavy Metal Therapy as a Community Interest Company (or CIC) in the UK, our number is 14260502 if you want to check that we are legit. CICs are companies with charitable purposes, so similar to charities in many ways (there are some key differences, see this for more). This is going to change things a little for us, hopefully for the good.

Why are you doing this?

HMT started off as a small Facebook page and it grew from there, but when we started we didn’t have any idea of what it might become. Over time we have done a lot of work alongside and as part of the metal community that can be expanded if we go down this route, in a way that we wouldn’t be able to do if we carried on as we were. For example, we want to be able to offer well-being activities and get involved with research, and to be able to grow the project so even more metalheads know about us! Being registered like this gives us some legitimacy and a governance structure that means we are accountable for what we do, which hopefully encourages even more people to feel they want to be involved in our work.

What will change?

On the day to day running of the pages probably not much at least to start with. If we make any money on things like merch this can be put back into our coffers, and if people/bars/bands want to raise or donate money they can do. In the future we might be able to apply for grants to be able to do more stuff like events and/or research, so it generally makes a few more things possible. We will be updating and expanding our range of merch and will have more promotional materials available

You said it wasn’t about money! What will you do with any money?

It’s not really – none of us make any money from HMT, that’s not why we do it, and under this structure the directors, as we are called, still won’t make any money as individuals from it. However, there are some expenses that as an organisation we have to cover if we want to do certain things – stuff like promotional materials and resources (so you can put one of our posters up at your local rock club!), and some boring but necessary things like insurance if we go anywhere/do anything. We will have to keep detailed and available accounts so the eagle eyed of you can even have a look at where the pennies go. Depending on how things develop, we could be able to pay for people’s time in some situations (think for events or some more time to build and manage the web stuff), or get some better tech to be able to run online events (e.g. posh zoom).

There is some publicly available information that comes with this change – please contact us if you want to know more including who are directors are, our policies and constitution.

Kate, Ratched, Ben and Sam (aka the directors of Heavy Metal Therapy CIC)

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