Robert’s Story

More of you have shared some of your experiences with us, like this from Robert. This one is about how sometimes the family we grow up with can be tricky, managing physical health challenges and finding a supportive metal family…. Thank you for sharing.

“I used to get bullied and beat up tormented by alcoholism in my family and hated I alcoholics. I would still get verbally abused and would be bullied by my brother. Every day and night I would cry myself to sleep filled with anger, depression and suicide on my mind. I would listen to Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin and it helped me to go to sleep to ease my mind and fight my depression only to get stronger. Now I still suffer a little depression but knowing metal is fucking there and my savior; its made me stronger till this day, in and out of the gym.

I had cut my foot on glass and had 6 months of recovery and 3 surgeries. Before and after surgery all i could listen to was five finger and it helped cope with the pain and the sadness and depression i went through while learning how to walk again on that foot, as well as dealing with an alcoholic father. I needed the help of metal to help calm myself from bleeding through the gauze. I suffered cut nerves,arteries, veins and a major tendon injury which i still have in my big toe so my toe drops but all that metal made me fight through the pain and make me become stronger.

Going to my first rock metal festival last year was a very amazing experience to show that metalheads take care of each other, replenish each other and apologize if they do something reckless. I met my first metal friends at that festival.”

Robert chose The Bleeding by Five Finger Death Punch as a song that means a lot to him, and also shared some very cool pictures 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻(you may spot Jose Mangin in that collection, ooh 😊). He also shared a pic of his foot 😳🤣

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