Metal Yoga

Guest blog by Sarah Givens

We’ve wanted to do a blog on heavy metal yoga for ages, and were thrilled to discover that we have a metalhead yoga teacher in our midst in the community of heavy metal therapy.  Here, Sarah reflects on her experiences running metal yoga classes:

Yoga and Metal

When I first started yoga a gazillion years ago, it was all about peace, calm and relaxation. Leave your stressful day at the door. Forget about your bad mood. Then I started my yoga teacher training a few years back. Nothing had changed, still peace, love and light. Actual rage and anger were never really discussed. Just a ‘let it go’ attitude.  And, music was even actively discouraged.

Where there was music in a few classes, you’d be listening to whales, tinkling pianos or a continuous ‘Aum’ or..’floaty yoga shit’ as my husband likes to call it.  Nothing at all wrong with any of this of course. I myself have a fine collection of said floaty music downloaded.

But..what if you want to embrace that anger..what if you need to?? Maybe without actually taking it out on anyone or anything? What if you need that safe space? Leave it at the door…it’s just gonna be there waiting when you leave. So why not blast some Metallica, some MCR (for the Emos 😉) ? Why not do some strong, burning leg strength or core work, get annoyed, get it out. Thrash is amazing for balance. A massive blast of noise. Gets you in the zone. And sounds amazing in a massive warehouse gym! The contrast of the music, the grace of the yogis and the clank of the weights is a beautiful thing.

Music, specifically metal, is changing yoga. It is making it more inclusive. It’s helping yoga finally become cool! I see feet tapping and heads nodding in warrior 2. Smiles when favourite tracks come on…even when legs are burning. People leave feeling like they have danced, like they have got rid of a weight, a burdon. Metal and yoga are a perfect pairing. For physical and mental health.

More about Sarah and her classes here:

Sarah is currently doing online yoga classes that you can do from home 😊

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