HMT is 3 – Welcome to the Weird

One of the strange things about us is that we don’t really know when our ‘birthday’ is – it is a long middle-aged story about how we were only supposed to be a Facebook page and became something else pretty quick, but it is sometime around the end of August and the start of September. At this time of year we always thank everyone who helps us out – so if you contribute, moderate, participate or even just lurk about, we couldn’t do it without you, thank you.

Original image from Cheerful Nihilism

We’ve been reflecting on all the idiosyncrasies that we have developed over these 3 years – and we’ve concluded that we are, frankly, pretty weird. We’d like you all to come and be weirdos with us of course, so a quick summary for the newbies:

  • If you help us in any capacity we will call you a ‘Roadie’, it’s anything from an honorary title for your support through to people who put some serious hours in for us. We love a nickname, like our Head Roadie Nurse Ratched, and a ridiculous role title, like Chief Metalcore Advisor, and Memeologist. We love to use the stuff you send us, we nicked (with permission) one of our main designs from someone’s bedroom wall, for example.
  • There’s a ‘schedule for fun’ – Metalcore Monday where we share a newish metalcore song, Wellness Wednesday where we share reflections on traditional ‘wellness’ (spoiler: it’s not really wellness and we have hundreds of dark variations on “live, laugh, love”), and Friday Funny which we imagine you can work out.
  • We are proud of our Yorkshire roots and use the phrase ‘Be Reyt’ quite frequently. We like to say things slap (that’s a good thing) and we do swear quite a lot, especially ‘that word’ (we are reclaiming it or something, we think swearing is therapeutic). We love a pun, sometimes we will invite you to share metal puns with us, innuendo is fine/encouraged – see “get yer tats out“.
  • We have principles, some of which have strange names like “Always double knot in a moshpit” but we think they make sense if you read about them. We might offer you a ‘yellow card’ for self-deprecation, and we give them to ourselves too – second spoiler: nothing happens we are just pointing it out. If you meet with us we might call that Church, like in Son’s of Anarchy – Hail Lemmy (yes we do actually say that)

So please come and join the weird with us and become a #hmtroadie as we enter our ‘threenager’ phase

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